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Product – E – Vape Pen

MBS presents E-Vape Pen,electronic cigarette can also be used as a handwritten pen for mobile phone or tablet PC. Enjoy the tasteful E Cigarette as well as touch convenience. Specifications : - Atomizer capacity : 0.3ml [...]

Product – E Cigarette Practical And Elegant Kit

MBS presents E Cigarette Practical And Elegant Kit. Advanced technology and newest structure with good quality control. Best e-liquid, huge vapor more than 250puffs, no burn, no any peculiar smell, best choice for smokers who want [...]

Product – Rechargeable Liquid Vaping Shisha Pen

MBS presents Rechargeable Liquid Vaping Shisha Pen. This is a new generation of the electronic Shisha cartomizer which contains only E-Liquid inside without any sponge material. Shisha Pens are a Boiling permanent cartomizers. You will not [...]

Product – High Quality Huge Vapor E-Cigarette E bat With 5200mAh Power Bank Function

MBS presents High Quality Huge Vapor E-Cigarette E bat With 5200mAh Power Bank Function.Original unique design with power bank function. Designed for electronic cigarette enthusiasts / security guards and drivers, high-power dual coil, huge vapor, can [...]

Product – Colorful Modern E-cigarette

MBS launch mass production of Colorful Modern E-cigarette. Quantity : 2000 pcs Market : USA Features : - Fashionable appearance - Variable voltage, meet your different needs - LED light display - 1300 mAh battery provide [...]

Product – New Arrival COOL FIRE II kit

MBS launch mass production of COOL FIRE II kit. Market: France Features : - Scale display wattage improves intuitive control and provides more accurate - Performance - Variable Wattage - The rotational wheel adjusts wattage to [...]

Product – E-cigarette smart kit

MBS present new product on markets! The smart kit is a great value to get customers in the door, with a durable carry case, a USB and wall adaptor. Soft filters e-cig kit with mini size [...]

Product – WatchCig

MBS Launch mass production of WatchCig. Market : USA If you need quotation on this product, don’t hesitate to contact us. - Pocket Watch Design; - Cartridge with different flavors; - High Quality Oxidizing; - Nice [...]

Product – Ehookah HiCig

2014 Best selling Ehookah HiCig : - Hicig similar like e hose - Soft press button to enjoy huge vapor - Hicig with full mechanical mode - Various flavors cartridge can choose - 2200mAh big capacity [...]

Product – New design E cigarettes

MBS present new design E cigarettes : - Long live energy 2000mah - Short circuit protection - ON/OFF battery switch - Low voltage warning - Overtime vaping warning - Battery safety protection - Compatiable with protank2 [...]

New full mechanical mod electronic cigarette QQ

New full mechanical mod electronic cigarette QQ QQ mechanical mod advantages: - Huge vapor, fantastic taste, portable e-cigarette - Newest style - Portable, available for outdoor and indoor using - Suitable for all smokers who want [...]

Product – New design E-cigarette KK

2014 New design E-cigarette KK   Specifications: Size:178*22 mm Each cartridge: 1000 puffs Battery capacity: 2200(18650)900 mAh (18350) Working voltage:3.5~6V Battery life:350 times Charging Time:3-4 hours Weight: 0.208 kg Color available: black, blue, yellow,  glod, silver, [...]

Audit – 10ml E-Cigaret Oil Bottle

Maytex Business Services visited a E-Cigaret Plastic Oil Bottle Factory in order to proceed to a Quality Control Inspection. Its mains application domain are focus on: E-Cigaret Plastic Oil Bottle 5ml 8ml 10ml.       [...]

Product – Electronic Cigarettes & Electronic Cigars

The e-cigarette offers a healthier alternative to smoking. It feels and tastes like a cigarette, but no fire, no combustion, no tar and no real smoke so it can be used in most public places like [...]