« Take the lead for your Sourcing projects in Asia »

Maytex Business Services (M.B.S.) works continuously to develop our partner relationships in order to offer you the solution that best meets your needs.

A combination of expert sourcing and logistics has made Maytex B.S. the preferred purchasing partner for a number of our clients. Our objective is two-fold: reduce your costs, while still ensuring high quality for your products.

Maytex B.S. is a full sourcing service provider and supply chain advisory firm. With offices in China since 2005, Maytex B.S. has been helping companies around the world develop and maintain successful sourcing programs directly with Chinese factories. Maytex B.S. has developed its know-how through years of onsite experience and interface with Chinese manufacturers. During this time, Maytex B.S. has fine-tuned a proprietary system for supply chain management that ensures optimal costs, quality control and timely deliveries for its clients.

Sourcing directly with Chinese factories can yield as much as 50% savings, sometimes much more. But it requires a deep understanding of the process and a Chinese language interface with the factories. With Maytex B.S. as your Procurement Specialist, you will always be in good hands. We take the headache out of the “China Sourcing Process”. Our hands-on supervision of your sourcing program ensures not only that the price is right, but also that your product arrives as ordered and on time.

Maytex B.S. offers a wide range of services, ranging from product development to sourcing program optimization. This allows us to cater to all types of clients, from start-up entrepreneurs to SMEs and well-established companies with existing overseas operations. We offer 24/7 support and real-time communications to make sure that all of our customers’ sourcing objectives are met. Maytex B.S. utilizes a proprietary sourcing system, which has been consistently improved, to provide the best possible sourcing experience for our customers.

In order to stay active allowing our continued growth, Maytex B.S. has had to be versatile and adapt to the changing business landscapes.

Do not hesitate to contact MAYTEX BUSINESS SERVICES if you are interested, or even if you need further information.