Product – 15000 mAh Multi-Function Car Jump Starter

MBS presents 15000 mAh Multi-Function Car Jump Starter. It combines 3 different products: a battery charger, a car jump starter, and an LED flash light into one compact design that can easily fit inside the glove [...]

Product – LedTapTap Multi-Colors

The LedTapTap is a lighting foam tube containing 3 Leds (RGB): red, green, blue. It is available in « multi-color » version as in « unique color » version. It works using a lighting system, located at the tube base, [...]

Product – Bluetooth Speaker With Suction Cup

MBS presents Bluetooth Speaker With Suction Cup. Built-in high sensitive microphone brings you really handsfree phone call feelings. It can stick on the surface of glass, ceramic, or any other smooth surface. It is widely used [...]

Product – Stackable Polypropylene Dining Chairs

MBS presents Stackable Polypropylene Dining Chairs. Popular colors and elegant shape. It’s perfect for indoor/outdoor and stackable. Easy to clean polypropylene. Available in red, black, green, blue, white, yellow, pink and orange. Specifications : - Materials [...]

Product – 10000mAh External Power Bank

MBS presents 10000mAh External Power Bank. High capacity portable 10000mAh external power bank. Repeatedly use of a single charge, portable design, convenient to carry. Fit for cell phone, MP3, Tablet PC and other digital products. Environmental [...]

Product – Tolix Style Bar Chair With Back

MBS presents Tolix Style Bar Chair With Back. This historically relevant barstool will bring the feel of a French Bistro to your dining room. An elementary design with a sophisticated edge, these seats are an icon [...]

Product – 32G WIFI USB Flash Drive

MBS presents 32G WIFI USB Flash Drive. WIFI USB Flash Drive instantly adds storage space(32G) to your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android device. Portable and easy to use, the drive gives you WIFI mobile access [...]

Product – Tolix Dinning Chair

MBS presents Tolix Dinning Chair. Ideal for home, office and cafes, this Tolix Dinning Chair will bring beauty and new character to your home interior. Featuring a classic design with high gloss finish, this cutting-edge tolix [...]

Product – Water Walking Ball

MBS presents Water Walking Ball. If you’ve always wanted to try walking on water now you can! This ingenious invention is tons of fun for friends and family. This inflatable rolling ball uses a real waterproof [...]

Product – Tolix Bar Stool

MBS presents Tolix Bar Stool. This stylish Tolix Bar Stool is great for office, cafe and kitchen. This bar stool comes in simple and clean design, which gives maximum comfort and allowing easy storage when not [...]

Product – Inflatable Water Roller

MBS presents Inflatable Water Roller. 2 people can run inside together, it takes teamwork, energy and co-ordination to get the Water Roller rolling properly. Perfect for inflatable pools, lakes, beaches, swimming pools etc. Specifications : - [...]

Product – Body Zorbing

MBS presents Body Zorbing. Body Zorbing is also known as body zorb football, body zorb soccer, bumper balls, bubble zorbz, zorb football among other various other names. Basically, the ‘product’ is a Body Zorb Or Bumper [...]

Product – Waterproof iPad Pouch

MBS presents Waterproof iPad Pouch. This Waterproof iPad Pouch is a great Multi-Purpose case – Good for the Pool, Beach, Kitchen, Workshop, Garage, BBQ etc. Designed with simple snap and lock access, this easy to use [...]

Product – Ebony Wood Frame Sunglasses

MBS presents Ebony Wood Frame Sunglasses. Sunglasses are extremely durable and hand-crafted from renewable resources. Plastic polarized lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays. The sunglasses will float if dropped in water, making them a [...]

Product – 3 in 1 IPX8 Waterproof iPhone6 Phone Case And Holder

MBS presents 3 in 1 IPX8 Waterproof iPhone6 Phone Case And Holder. Protect your mobile phones form water to IPX8, Fit for the handlebar diameter from 17mm to 27mm. It works with the bike handlebar mount [...]