Located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Maytex Business Services (MBS) is engaged in the sourcing of factories and products based on our customer’s specific requirements.

MBS is a western owned sourcing consultancy firm that operates in the largest manufacturing region in the world. In the past decade Maytex B.S. has selected and qualified a wide network of reputable Chinese manufacturers, offering you the most effective ways to source low cost products from China.

As a professional business service company, we are offering a wide range of services such as Purchasing, Sourcing, Company Investigation, Quality Control, Pre-Shipment Inspection and other business services…

Maytex Business Services – International product sourcing consultancy

Maytex B.S. is an international product sourcing consultancy providing a high quality industrial sourcing and services to assist a huge variety of clients across the globe. Maytex B.S. operates from his operational office in Shenzhen, where its services focus on meeting the changing needs of product development created by the shift in manufacturing to Asia. Maytex B.S. has offices in Hong-Kong, Shenzhen (China), both cities located in the biggest manufacturing region in the world and serviced by a highly skilled workforce.

Maytex B.S. international sourcing team source and design products for almost every industry sector, our high quality products being most recognized in consumer electronics, computers and communication, auto/motorcycle/bicycle accessories, lighting equipment, furniture and home decorations, toys, sports and leisure, industrial products, and patented innovations.

Right from our beginnings in 2005, Maytex B.S. have made strong inroads into the global market with their groundbreaking product and engineering service. We will continue to grow our strong international client base but still remain true to our vision – to provide world-class product design, intellectual property security, continuous process innovation and alignment to manufacturing in Asia.

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