You might be interested in buying goods from China, but are unfamiliar with China, the language, culture, industry, trade regulations, etc.

You might be unable to find a suitable manufacturer that can produce exactly the product you need. You might already started doing business with China, but keep running into difficulties, concerning quality, price negotiations, delivery time, after sale service, etc.

Maytex Business Services can help you solve all of these and other related problems by acting as your buying partner or agency, and as such we could provide you and your company with the following options which include, but are not limited to:

-          Search for and identify reliable and suitable suppliers and investigate their creditability, which enables you to save time to focus on other pressing matters.

-          Maintain communication and cooperation with your suppliers, track your orders, and transfer the information to you in time. Improving your business efficiency to contribute to your success.

-          Discuss and negotiate with your suppliers. Visit their factories, resulting in us drawing up detailed reports for you, making you feel like you were actually on sight. After all, domestic travel for us compared to international travel for you will cut the cost of your business drastically.

-          Inspecting your products and their packaging according to your requirements, take care of shipment management, warrant your products and shorten the delivery time for you.

-          Solve the problems between you and your suppliers, and deal with any of your business troubles in China.

Maytex B.S. can also be your direct supplier

You would benefit from the following advantages when we act as your supplier:

-          Finding reliable manufacturers and offer competitive quotations. Maytex B.S. has cooperation with local suppliers as to build up an advanced and competitive supply chain.

-          Guiding the process of mass production, managing the production time and warrant that all products are produced according to your requirements.

-          Inspecting your products and their packaging, to make sure that the quality is satisfactory.

-          Arranging shipments with high efficiency (arranging air express as a means of sending small quantities against the cheapest price is our advantage).

-          Timely delivery of all needed documents.

-          Excellent after-sales service.

-          Being your world logistic platform.


More detailed information and services available upon requests.

Do not hesitate to contact MAYTEX BUSINESS SERVICES if you are interested, or even if you need further information.