We surround ourselves serious partners for the management of our company, and for the implementation of the missions for which we are involved and mandated.


The Valiram Group is South East Asia’s
leading luxury goods retailer operating
in both domestic and travel retail
environments in Malaysia, Singapore,
Indonesia, Australia and China.


The LedTapTap is a lighting foam tube containing 3 Leds (RGB): red, green, blue. It is available in version « multi-color » as in « unique color » version. It works using a lighting system, located at the base of the foam, powered by 3 batteries « flat type”, and offering 6 different lighting modes. This product meets all standards CE and ROHS. We invite you to discover the LedTapTap, a bright ideal promotional item for your communication. It is effective and fun for the animation of all your events. It is ideally suited to illuminate all the parties or public events such as: football/rugby stadiums, concert halls, nightclubs, student parties, weddings, etc. For 2 years now, we are already distributing this product in many nightclubs in the United States.

Nexxt Design

NexxtDesign is a Neo-Classic Furniture Wholesaler, originally products design company, which has specialized in its customization.Maytex Business Services is in charge of the design, sourcing, production and quality control, for its whole range of furniture and products/items.


With the recent integration of KEMA Registered Quality, DEKRA has established itself as a global leader in ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certification.Dekra is the privileged provider of laboratory testing and certification of Maytex Business Services.

HSBC – Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation

HSBC is one of the top 20 largest global banks by capitalization.Maytex Business Services is working in partnership with HSBC Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


Paypal is a leader in secure online payments since 2000.Maytex Business Services uses the Paypal services to propose ways of tailored payments for its customers’ needs.


CMA-CGM Group is one of the first of the global shipping carriers to have control of the complete logistics chain. It offers a door-to-door service that integrates maritime transport with inland waterways or rail, as well as port handling facilities and logistics on land.Maytex Business Services is working in partnership with CMA-CGM, and uses tailor-made solutions to meet all its transport requirements, on land as well as at sea.


DHL/UPS/FEDEX offer integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.Maytex Business Services is working in partnership with DHL/UPS/FEDEX, and is using safety services for its worldwide express and secure shipment needs.


Rapace Kiteboarding is a french brand of kite-surf and snow-kite sport equipments.Maytex Business Services is in charge of the sourcing, production and quality control for its sport equipment.


Photofinish features and provide small « wearable » waterproof and shockproof camera/camcorders such as helmet cameras that are targeted at adventure photography in extreme and action sports.Photofinish trusts in Maytex Business Services.

Wize & Ope

Wize and Ope is a fashion products design company, specialized in customizable watches design and production.Wize & Ope trusts in Maytex Business Services.

The Fat Monkeys

The Fat Monkeys is an extreme and action sports shop.The Fat Monkeys trusts in Maytex Business Services.


Workshop is a leader company, specialized in 4 stroke engine minibikes import such as pitbike, monkey and dax.Workshop trusts in Maytex Business Services.

EnchereStoreEnchereStore is an Electronic Devices Wholesaler.EnchereStore trusts in Maytex Business Services for the sourcing, production and quality control, for its whole range of products and items.
  GSCM - Groupe Sup De Co Montpellier Business School

1897, GSCM – Montpellier Business School has run top level training courses anchored in a tradition of quality and innovation, with a strong international focus. Each year it trains more than 6000 people in the various business managerial functions.One of the Associate Managing Director of Maytex Business Services is Member of The Association of the Graduated of the GSCM Business School, Representative of the China Department and Member of the Admission Jury.

UFE Union des Français de l’Etrange

The Union of French Citizens Abroad (UFE), an association founded in 1927, aims to create and maintain a close contact between French nationals abroad and France. Maytex Business Services is a Member of The Union of French Citizens Abroad.


Racines Sud is the Frenches and Languedociens Expatriated Association living abroad. Association that federate more than 600 Members among more than 20 countries. Both Maytex Business Services Managing Director are member of Racines Sud Association.

  CCIFC - Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie Francaise en Chine

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China belongs to the Federation of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad (Union des Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie Françaises à l’Etranger – UCCIFE). It has been created in 1992 and regroups 1200 members. Maytex Business Services is a Member of The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.