Comprehensive China Sourcing Management

 If you are sourcing directly from Chinese factories, it is essential to have a team onsite looking out for your interests. Not just any team, but a professional, experienced group of specialists who know how to get the results you need repeatedly and reliably. But setting up an office and team in China is costly, and time consuming. And managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging.

That’s where Maytex Business Services comes into play.

How We Help

Maytex Business Services acts as your company’s extension in China. We learn about your needs and objectives and then put together a program to address them. We manage all the sourcing elements of a procurement program, and we can do this for you quickly, efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Maytex B.S. specializes in optimizing existing China Sourcing programs as well as developing new ones.

The Benefits of using Maytex B.S.

When Maytex B.S. manages your China Procurement, you get:

-          7+ years of proven results.

-          A dedicated multilingual team that you can trust.

-          A proprietary sourcing system designed and perfected to assure optimal results in the 3 key elements of sourcing: pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

-          In house Quality Control experts to make sure your product arrives as specified.

-          Uninterrupted service and communication link with the factories providing you with continual updates of your project and program development.

-          Highly qualified advice on China trends and procurement approaches

-          Guaranteed satisfaction

Our Methodology

Our Procurement Specialist services take care of all the challenges that sourcing presents. Maytex B.S.’s professionals will guide through language barriers, the manufacturing process, and will find quality China suppliers for your products.


More detailed information and services available upon requests.

Do not hesitate to contact MAYTEX BUSINESS SERVICES if you are interested, or even if you need further information.