Industry Experience

Offering over 7 years of experience working with Chinese Manufacturers

With our experience in more than 20 industries and 1 000+ product types, we can help you buy direct from China.

Maytex B.S. is service focused, our solution is a Sourcing Management System which combines the know-how, the management and the sourcing systems we have developed and honed over many years to manage sourcing programs in China. Any China Sourcing program, no matter whether the end product is electronic components, garments, tools or pharmaceutical ingredients, requires this fundamental SMS to be effective.

As we apply the SMS to our client’s programs, specific product expertise becomes an essential component of the procedure. We obtain this product expertise from the following sources:

Our customers: 
The primary source of expertise is always the customer, who knows best. This expertise is especially relevant in the way the product fits into their program (including packaging issues and concerns)

Industry specific consultants: 
Not all customers have in-depth expertise in the product they purchase. We supplement their knowledge with the expertise of industry experts, either on a full-time, or on a part-time basis.

Pre-qualified factories: 
Manufacturers themselves are a great source of additional expertise that can supplement the body of knowledge needed for a successful sourcing program.

In-house knowledge: 
Maytex B.S. has dealt with a wide range of products throughout its history, with many different Chinese suppliers. The sourcing challenges these products offered have provided Maytex B.S. with a wealth of experience and information.

The combination of our SMS and product expertise means there is no product that is too difficult or too technical for Maytex B.S. to handle.