février, 2015

Product – Tolix Bar Stool

MBS presents Tolix Bar Stool. This stylish Tolix Bar Stool is great for office, cafe and kitchen. This bar stool comes in simple and clean design, which gives maximum comfort and allowing easy storage when not [...]

Product – Inflatable Water Roller

MBS presents Inflatable Water Roller. 2 people can run inside together, it takes teamwork, energy and co-ordination to get the Water Roller rolling properly. Perfect for inflatable pools, lakes, beaches, swimming pools etc. Specifications : - [...]

Product – Body Zorbing

MBS presents Body Zorbing. Body Zorbing is also known as body zorb football, body zorb soccer, bumper balls, bubble zorbz, zorb football among other various other names. Basically, the ‘product’ is a Body Zorb Or Bumper [...]

Product – Waterproof iPad Pouch

MBS presents Waterproof iPad Pouch. This Waterproof iPad Pouch is a great Multi-Purpose case – Good for the Pool, Beach, Kitchen, Workshop, Garage, BBQ etc. Designed with simple snap and lock access, this easy to use [...]

Product – Ebony Wood Frame Sunglasses

MBS presents Ebony Wood Frame Sunglasses. Sunglasses are extremely durable and hand-crafted from renewable resources. Plastic polarized lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays. The sunglasses will float if dropped in water, making them a [...]

Audit – MBS visited soft surfboard factory

MBS visited a soft surfboard factory, founded in 1998, with total workshop acreage of 6000 Sqm, it’s specialized in producing high quality soft surfboards, surfboards, snow slides, swimming products and various garden kneeling pads. With their [...]

Product – 3 in 1 IPX8 Waterproof iPhone6 Phone Case And Holder

MBS presents 3 in 1 IPX8 Waterproof iPhone6 Phone Case And Holder. Protect your mobile phones form water to IPX8, Fit for the handlebar diameter from 17mm to 27mm. It works with the bike handlebar mount [...]

Audit – MBS Visited Surfboard Factory

MBS visited a professional factory engaged in surfboard research, development and manufacturing. They specialized in manufacturing high quality surfboards and supply the goods for global customers since 2003. They can offer the best OEM/ODM products according [...]

Product – LED Slap Wrap Bracelet

MBS presents LED Slap Wrap Bracelet. This Led Slap Wrap Bracelet combines ultra-fun « slap it to snap it » slap bracelet functionality with ultra-bright LED illumination to create one awesome safety accessory. Turn it on, LED Slap [...]

Product – 13500mAh Power Bank & Car Jump Starter

MBS presents 13500mAh Power Bank & Car Jump Starter. Mini exquisite and portable: The battery, 1/5 volume of equivalent special lead-acid batteries, it’s daily life necessary of self-driving travel and outdoor sports. Easy to start 12V [...]

Product – Multi Color LED Light Up Wrist Band

MBS presents Multi Color LED Light Up Wrist Band. LED lighting decoration for festivals,events,shows or exhibitions. Night activities, concert and all kinds of night life fun. Length adjustable from 18~22 cm to fit your wrist. Velcro [...]

Product – Multipoint Bluetooth Speakerphone

MBS presents Multipoint Bluetooth Speakerphone. Allow you to answer, hung up and reject the phone and adjust volume. Support voice dialing, announce calling number and last number redial. Support switch between personal answered and spearker answered. [...]

Audit – MBS Visited Inflatable Water Toys Factory

MBS visited inflatable water toys factory. They are specialized in all kinds of inflatable water toys such as inflatable water trampolines, water totters, inflatable icebergs, inflatable water slides, inflatable boats, water walking balls etc. All products [...]